Introducing iESE

"Owned, led and governed by councils, we are a not-for-profit social enterprise that helps public bodies throughout the UK deliver improved services at lower cost."


Local government delivers essential services. Services that people rely on every single day. With decreasing budgets and increasing demands from residents, local authorites continue to look for ways of transforming their services. iESE is local government’s transformation social enterprise.  

We are uniquely placed to help councils the length and breadth of the country by accelerating the transformation of service delivery and the leadership of growth and prosperity.

iESE is tried and tested – we deliver results, not reports. We take pride in our skilled team’s ability to cut through the bureaucracy that can hold back local government. We build support with councillors and officers to transform systems, reduce duplication and deliver fresh and innovative ideas and solutions. The results speak for themselves:
Accelerating service transformation to deliver cashable savings 
within 12 weeks
Supporting sustainable improvement that turns bottom quartile to 
top quartile performance within 18 months
Innovating in the ideas, design and delivery of radically different forms 
of service delivery from corporate services to social care and waste and beyond
As a result of our work, for every £1 of public money invested, iESE generates £5 in efficiency savings for residents and a total saving of £250 million over the last 5 years. Our solutions are available to the whole public sector family and include: 

Dynamic web-based tools in key service areas including social 
care, waste and procurement enabling authorities to drive their 
own improvement and ensure best deals for residents
Tailored services that combine our unique combination of tools, 
knowledge, market intelligence skills to help you in your 
improvement journey
Opportunities to help you create new or participate in existing 
partnerships whether public to public or public to private.


But iESE is not simply a successful provider of service to councils. We are a not for profit organisation, owned, led and governed by councils.  We are a part of the local government family. In delivering our solutions we have shared our expertise with councils enabling them to sustain their transformation journey and in turn they work with us to help us to support transformation in other councils.
As a part of our supporting role a number of our solutions are free of charge to councils. However, where we charge for our solutions they are very reasonably priced.  Customers have a choice in how they pay for our solutions whether a fixed price, as a share of savings achieved or as an annual membership subscription. The whole local government family profits from any surplus we make since 100% is reinvested back into councils’ projects that will help to further improve local services.
Every penny that iESE generates is invested by its owners into supporting authorities that are facing challenging times and councils that are innovating to find new models of local leadership and service delivery. So by using iESE’s services you not only accelerate your service transformation, you become a part of the solution for the improvement of the sector as a whole.

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